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Your dog is pulling on the leash, jumping up at everyone, eating everything he finds, growling, biting, non-stop barking, scared of going in a car, … ? Good news, all is not lost. Indeed, a dog can be trained, or retrained at any age.

Dog Trainer/ Behaviorist
Dog Kennels


Your child doesn’t want to speak, is introverted, shy, has difficulties being assertive with their school friends … ? The dog is often a very good therapeutic mediator. He gives the child the opportunity to learn how to integrate with your community.

Animal Assisted Therapy

Dogs scare you and seeing them daily is really hard for you? It doesn’t have to be like this! You don’t have to worry, for your comfort, the dog (trained for therapy) will never be present during the first session. You decide when you are ready for a first approach and at what distance the dog must be.

Dog Fear Desensitization


Member of :

University degree in Psychology & Criminology ; trained in dog training & behaviorism




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Formation canine

Formation Canine

If you are also interested in the Dog Trainer & Behaviorist job, I recommand you the centre de Formation aux métiers du chien. This center provides professional lessons in a very cozy environment. The lessons are given in French.

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