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Training a dog starts when they’re a puppy. But I can also (fortunately) train an adult dog. Indeed, there is no age limit for a dog to learn.

My training courses are given individually (private lessons at your home or mine) or in a small group with no more than 5 others dogs.

The training method I use (and teach you) excludes food and favours a fantastic "tool" which every dog owner always has with them: their voice! Indeed, learning how to use your voice correctly to congratulate or give orders to your dog will quickly deliver reliable and good results. In all situations your dog will prefer seeing you happy and proud of him than receiving treats (see my method).


During a private lesson, we will take the time to build a strong basic (or advanced) level of obedience, adapted to your needs, your time, your dog, and yourself. A private lesson takes about 1 hour and must be booked.

Price : 48€/h (+ 0,40€/km for lessons at yours)

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In a group lesson, every dog owner can ask questions about any problems encountered with their dog. During the hour, different kinds of exercises are practiced: obedience, stimulation, stimuli resistance, …

The lessons for adult dogs (more than 6 months) are held on Wednesday & Thursday from 19 till 20.
The lessons for puppies (from 2 till 6 months) are held on Wednesday from 20 till 21.

Address : 3, rue Emile Vandervelde - 4520 Vinalmont

Price : 12€/h or 8€/h if payment of an annual contribution of 60€

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Dog Training

You are looking for a private dog trainer to train at home ? Or for a small group where you can work with a maximum of 5 dogs, indoors or outdoors?


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Dog Behaviorism

Your dog is pulling on the leash, jumping up at people, eating everything he finds, growling, … Good news, it’s not too late, your dog can still be trained.


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Dog Kennels

It’s time to go on holiday and you are searching for kennels ? Or you just cannot get on with your dog anymore and you need kennels with dog training?


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You want to try and practice the cool dog sport in which you direct your dog through an obstacle course but you live in a flat ?
No problem at all.


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+32(0)491 92 93 94

Rue Emile Vandervelde, 3
4520 Vinalmont


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Formation canine

Formation Canine

If you are also interested in the Dog Trainer & Behaviorist job, I recommand you the centre de Formation aux métiers du chien. This center provides professional lessons in a very cozy environment. The lessons are given in French.

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